If you partecipate in Gioco & Storia, thanks to specific agreements between the museum of Piana delle Orme and some accomodation facilities, you are entitled to special rates if you decide to spend one or more nights in one of the following hotels/apartments (the list is ordered by increasing distance to Gioco & Storia – all distances are approx. and indicate the amount of minutes needed to reach your destination by car)

Name Distance Category
Agriturismo "L'Ovile" – Latina 5 min. Bed & Breakfast
Hotel "Foro Appio" – Latina 7 min. Untitled-4
Park Hotel – Latina 10 min. Untitled-3
Hotel "Europa" – Latina 20 min. Untitled-4
Hotel "Garden" – Latina 20 min. Untitled-3
Hotel "Miramare" – Latina Lido 25 min. Untitled-4
Oasi di Kufra – Sabaudia 30 min. Untitled-4
Hotel "Villa del Cardinale" – Norma 35 min. Untitled-3

…further accomodation facilities without special rates but good value anyway:

Name Distance Category
Il Capannaccio – Sezze Scalo 8 min. Bed & Breakfast
Albergo Bellavista – Latina 19 min. Untitled-2
Hotel Excelsior – Latina Scalo 20 min. Untitled-3
Prato di Coppola – Latina 21 min. Bed & Breakfast
La Valle dell'Usignolo – Sermoneta 23 min. Bed & Breakfast