Buy & sell new and second-hand board games

The auction – Saturday 7th October from 8.00 pm onwards, at the main pavilion of Gioco & Storia. Join us for a board game auction. More than 100 games put up for auction by gamers from all over Italy. Make your bid!

The market – Sunday 8th October from 10.00 am onwards, at the main pavilion of Gioco & Storia.  If you have second-hand or new board games to sell just hand them in and after registration, they will be put on sale. The registration and display of board games are for free. Only for those board games that have been sold 1 euro charge will be applied by the organization. If the price of the board game sold is equal or inferior to 10 euros the organization won’t apply any charges.


The lottery – Saturday 7th and Sunday 8th of October. Try your luck and buy a lottery ticket at our Info point for 2 euros each. The lottery draw is taking place on Sunday the 8th October at 12.30 pm at saletta conferenze of Gioco & Storia.