“Art & Boardgames” conference

Saturday 8th October –  Saletta Conferenze of Gioco & Storia

Nicolas Eskubi (Spain),  Wojciech Zalewski (Poland), Riccardo Masini (Italy) and Alessandro Massignani (Italy) are holding a conference entitled “Arte & Giochi da tavolo” (Art & Boardgames).

Nicolas Eskubi is currently one of the top graphic artists in the board wargame business. He has been working for MultiManPublishing for quite a while now, and most of you probably own at least one of the games he worked on.
Wojciech Zalewski is a game designer who, along with his magazine Taktyka i Strategia, has always been a key figure in the spreading and developing of board wargaming in Poland.

Riccardo Masini is a long-time boardgame player. Son of Sergio Masini, author of “Guerre di carta” (“Paper wars”), the first italian book about board wargames, he has been dedicating himself to photography for the last 15 years. He collaborated for several years with Gioconomicon online magazine. 

Alessandro Massignani is a member of Società di Storia Militare (Society of Military History), of Centro interuniversitario di studi e ricerche storico militari (Inter-university Centre for Military Historical Studies and Research), and of International Intelligence Study Group. He wrote many books about military history, especially about WWI in the Italian theatre.