The Megagame

“Lost Youth” is the name of the Megagame that is going to be held at Gioco & Storia 2018. But what is exactly a Megagame? In this case, the Megagame is essentially a game where between a minimum of 25 and a maximum of 50 players are involved for several hours. Each player represents a military or paramilitary unit taking part in the Vietnam war. A team of umpires manages the development of the game, dealing with the information, the news, and the alea of a real war situation. This way the game is more realistic, more fluid, and easier to play. In fact, players don’t need to read pages and pages of rules before playing. Instead, they can virtually join in without reading any! You only need to join the pre-game briefing.
Playing is for free, but it is necessary to book your place getting in touch with the below contact person.

Start:  Sunday 21st October at 10.00 (estimated duration 4 hours).

Contact person:
Andrea Morviducci