The convention

The main goal of Gioco & Storia is to promote board wargames and simulation games in general among those who are new to this world and somewhat overlook it. Apart from the usual board game convention activities (tournaments, open gaming, second-hand and new games’ buying and exchanging, etc…), specific areas and events (the school of board wargame, junior tournaments, demos) will be dedicated to teenagers and kids who have just started to familiarize themselves with board games or are willing to try a first approach to this hobby. Gioco & Storia is not the usual gamer convention. The name itself (“Gaming & History”) wants to highlight the specific relationship between playing certain types of board games (i.e. board wargames) and simulating history. Simulation games are an unbelievable source of information. A good simulation game can make you absorb (willing or not!) in such an enjoyble and easy way not only remarkable notions of history but also notions of geography, politics, diplomacy, economics and even foreign languages. A board wargame can turn out to be a first-hand learning tool, if you will, in which you play the role of historical figures, facing the same issues they had to face in the real world, with the same means at their disposal, but not necessarily with the same results. If it’s true that war is mostly ruled by chance, a good board wargame tries to simulate the importance of luck and chance in general, having you play with the same cards those historical figures had at hand but dealing them in a different way and order. This is also an interesting way of developing “what-if” scenarios and change the course of history itself. And which venue could be fitter than a history museum for all of this? Piana delle Orme museum with its incredible and unique assortment of original vehicles, uniforms, weapons and militaria from WWII is the perfect setting for this event. Players, collectors, game publishers and retailers from all over Italy will not only play and exchange games, but will also share their experiences and their passion with you because “playing is not a game”!