The venue

Gioco & Storia is hosted by the museum of Piana delle Orme. The convention will use all the free-admittance areas: the pavilion dedicated to exhibitions and conventions (n.18 on the map dowloadable here) and “Mensa del contadino” (n.22 on the map). During Gioco & Storia you’ll also be able to use the free parking, the restaurant area and visit the well-provided museum shop.


The museum is a unique facility in Italy and consists of several theme-based wings constantly growing in size and number.

Each wing is focused on a theme with a specific path to follow that tells you about a historic period or event (“From El Alamein to Salerno”, “The landing of Anzio”, “Tthe battle of Cassino”, “The reclamation of Pontine marshes”, “Vintage toys”, “Vintage agricultural machinery”, “Life in the fields”). In 2017 a whole new air-naval section was opened.


Before reaching the entrance to the museum you’ll find the shop where you’ll be able to purchase vintage items both for collectors and non-collectors, with the widest choice of militaria.

All those who come to Gioco & Storia are entitled to a  20% discount on the entrance fee!