Wings of Glory: a call to arms

This year Gioco & Storia is hosting “Wings of Glory: a call to arms”, a gathering dedicated to the reknown game system designed by Paglia and Angiolino. Th latter will join the event in order to help, demo and play with all the fans of this game and to present as a premiere his new game system “Battlestar Galactica: Starship Battles”. Furthermore, on sunday an auction is taking place. Brand new models and accessories of Wings of Glory will be sold at a very low starting price. You can’t miss it. Just bring all you need to play a game, we’ll provide the rest…for free!

Start: saturday 20th October, 9.00 am

Wings of Glory auction starts sunday 21st October, 3.00 pm

End: sunday 21st October, 7.00 pm

Check out the event on Facebook: Wings of Glory: a call to arms

Contact person:
Paolo Ciarlo